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Project Design and Implementation 

The Kappa Cares Initiative 

  • Local problems require local solutions.  The second floor of the Achievement Center remains vacant. However, this is where your financial support could help to address the violence and trauma currently plaguing the community. A multi-functional crime prevention strategy that aims to address the drivers of crime and widen the community’s circle of influence, the Kappa Cares initiative seeks to cultivate relationships and build community trust by offering the following programs: 



Crime Prevention Initiatives 

Conflict Resolution/Mediation  

  • Kappa will use Project Legal Enrichment and Decision-Making (Project LEAD) to teach youth conflict mitigation and resolution techniques. Project LEAD is a fifth-grade educational curriculum that teaches youth about the social and legal consequences of poor decision-making.  Through hands-on and simulated exercises, the youth will learn about positive responses to conflict and the consequences of involvement in the criminal justice system. 



  • Kappa will leverage its current relationship with the City of Wilmington and New Castle County to steer at-risk youth to positive employment outcomes through the New Castle County and City of Wilmington Summer Youth Employment programs. Currently providing services to New Castle County youth,  Kappa is uniquely positioned to foster systems of change by recruiting and training qualified candidates for these programs.  Additionally, the Kappa Cares initiative will equip the youth with employability and soft skill training to ensure that the youth are ready for summer employment opportunities.  

Educational Initiatives 


  • In partnership with the New Castle County Emergency Medical Services, the Christiana Care Trauma Department, a Level 1 Trauma Center, and the Stop the Bleeding campaign, Kappa Cares will engage community members on various lifesaving techniques.  In addition, healthcare professionals will educate community members on how to preserve life until help arrives. This proactive educational training will not only save lives but also build relationships in the community.  


Financial Literacy 

  • To increase financial literacy among community youth, the Kappa Cares initiative will provide financial education training. The financial educational training will be in concert with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Consumer Education and the Department of Education You for Youth financial literacy programs. These evidence-based programs educate youth about budgeting, saving, credit, and setting financial goals. As the Achievement Center is located in an unbanked and/or underbanked community, providing pathways to financial success at an early age can lead to positive outcomes, including improved decision-making skills.  


Technology Initiatives 


  • Gaming is integral to most of our lives, especially the youth. Games are used to enhance learning modalities, as well as engage in social experiences. To offer positive alternatives to gang membership and affiliation, the Kappa Cares initiative, in partnership with Wilmington University’s College of Technology Game Design and Development, will teach youth the basics of website development and video game design.  Data shows that at-risk youth lack confidence and have little to no access to non-school-based science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) programs.

In addition, the Kappa Cares initiative will host video game tournaments at the Achievement Center for community youth. These tournaments will provide youth with a safe environment to build relationships with positive mentors and play video games.  


Art Initiatives 

DJ Training 

  • To further reduce the risk factors associated with crime and violence, the Kappa Cares initiative will provide community youth with disc jockey (DJ) training.  The youth will learn basic DJ techniques, as well as how to mix and blend different songs. Upon conclusion of the DJ training,  

students will showcase their talent by performing a DJ set in front of Achievement Center staff and family and friends. In addition, the DJ program will engage the youth through music by redirecting their attention to positive after-school activities, thereby providing the youth with prosocial activities.  



  • As chess teaches strategic thinking, Kappa will extend its current relationship with Thomas Edison Charter School by teaching community youth how to play chess and hosting local chess tournaments at the Achievement Center. Historically, Kappa has provided financial support for the Thomas Edison Charter School travel chess team. 

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