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The Achievement Center

Kappa Mainstream Leadership Initiatives 


The Achievers Program 

  • A six-month intensive mentoring program that instills and promotes excellence in African American young men. In partnership with the Wilmington Chapter of The Links, Inc, to date over 750 high school, African American male juniors and seniors have participated in this award-winning program. The Achievers are exposed to African American role models through a series of workshops held at the Achievement Center designed to equip them for college and adult life.  Wilmington Alumni and the Links award Achievers program participants scholarships at the Samuel E. Brown Fellowship Breakfast. The Achievers program has raised over $770,000 in scholarships to date, $56,000 was awarded in 2021.  Rounding out the Achievers program is The Affair of Honor, a formal ceremony presenting the Achievers to the community.

Learn 2 Live- Law and Your Community 

  • Teaming up with the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), Kappa Mainstream Leadership hosts The Law and Your Community, an initiative that seeks to build trust and legitimacy between law enforcement and the community.  This three-part initiative includes: (1) a presentation on community policing and how to engage with law enforcement; (2) a simulated police encounter – with participants experiencing what to do and not to do when stopped by law enforcement; and (3) a discussion with actual law enforcement officers who answer any questions attendees might have. Every high school and middle school in the Red Clay and Brandywine school districts have participated in this initiative. 

Spelling Bee Literacy Initiative 

  • Designed to prepare African American youth for participation in the statewide Spelling Bee program, the   Kappa sponsors a special Spelling Bee program for Wilmington City youth. 

Adoption of Thomas Edison Charter School 

  • Utilizing the Kappa League mentoring program to help fifth graders grow and develop their leadership talents, Kappa members serve as guest speakers and mentors to the youth.  Kappa events at the school include:  

  1. Sponsoring a winter coat give-a-way at the school. 

  2. Sponsoring the school’s chess team and their travel to a national chess tournament in Nashville, TN.

  3. Hosting a book bag and school supply giveaway.

  4. Hiring three University of Delaware students to serve as on-site tutors for the students.

Warner Elementary Kappa Mindfulness Room  

  • The Chapter provided equipment for a Kappa Room (computers, game consoles and monitors) at the school designed for students, afterschool, that demonstrate improved performance in attendance, behavior and/or academic performance.  This space will be staffed with positive African American role models, Kappa members and their wives, in a non- threatening environment where support and counseling can occur.

May B. Leasure Elementary School

  • The Chapter adopted May B. Leisure Elementary School delivered an array of school supplies that included headsets, board games, pencils, lanyards, notebooks, and 100 winter coats for K-5 to 6 grades students. Twenty-seven (27) brothers were at the school to greet and speak with the students. The school principal, teachers, and parents were highly thankful for our students' support. Mainstream Leadership donated the funds to purchase these items from Amazon and Walmart.

Samuel Brown Fellowship Breakfast                                                                                                                            

  • The Samuel Brown Fellowship Breakfast is an annual event named in recognition of Brother Samuel E. Brown, a lifelong educator who has made significant contributions to the Wilmington Alumni Chapter’s Guide Right program. This event serves as an opportunity for the Wilmington Alumni Chapter members to meet and interact with the young men in the chapter’s Guide Right programs. During the breakfast, the young men are paired up with brothers who will serve as mentors and career/educational resources.

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