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Executive Summary 

  • In support of its Kappa Cares initiative, Kappa Mainstream Leadership, Inc. and the Wilmington (DE) Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. (collectively, “Kappa”) seeks funding to complete the vacant second floor of the empty second floor of the Achievement Center with furniture, equipment, a staircase and installation of a code-compliant elevator. 

  • The Achievement Center, which is located in the middle of a City of Wilmington crime “hot spot,” will support Kappa’s mission to reduce the risk factors associated with crime and violence and serve as a safe haven for the youth residing in the City of Wilmington zip code 19802. Kappa seeks to increase its community footprint and leverage its success by hosting community prevention initiatives on the second floor of the Achievement Center, which is currently unused space. By providing a mixture of promising and evidence-based community violence intervention initiatives, the Kappa Cares initiative will work to direct our youth away from embracing violent crime. Our building will serve as safe haven for youth in the 19802 community.  

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